Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tasers: The last word.

There. End of discussion.


Ti-Guy said...

Well, if Andrew Sullivan ever gets cattle-prodded, I'll re-think it.

E in MD said...

What we need is for someone to go down and start tasering Democrats in the senate so they'll grow some damned balls and start fighting back against the Republicans.

They let yet another bill die with a 56 vote majority. All the newspapers are reporting that the bill failed because it didn't get 60 votes, like it's normal to need that many.

There are only 100 people in the Senate in the first place... if you needed 60 to pass a every bill nothing would ever get done. Ever.

Unfortunately my countrymen are by and large ignorant morons or they would realize they're being played. You only need 51 votes to pass a bill...You need 60 to break a filibuster and you need 66 to override a presidential veto.

The saddest thing is the Dems aren't actually making the Republicans filibuster....! Fucking cowards!

Bring them damned cots in and make them stand up there with the phone book for 30 hours.. and if the measure fails then, change one word and bring it back and every step of the way make sure the media is reporting why the measure keeps going back.

Shit, shut the damned Congress down if need be... If -no- bills at all are getting through something will get done. Republicans can't live without their $300 million dollar bridges to nowhere.

If they do it eventually the Republicans will cave and then maybe we'll see some damned change.

Red Tory said...

A precise assessment from TDS I thought.

Red Tory said...

I see the Douchebag of Assholery is still trying to bait you on this.

Sheena said...

CC and the Nexus should just get a room already. These internet flirtations are so fucking tedious.

Adam C said...

I stopped by the Asshole to take a look. According to Patrick, Trudeau wanted to turn Quebec into an independent Nazi state. It's a good thing he never gained any kind of power in this country.

I remember numerous people thinking that guy had potential. They were wrong.

the rev. said...

Oh he has potential, not many people could be that big a douchebag.