Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'd like to recognize all the little people ...

No, seriously, I think it's time for a thorough restructuring of the blogroll here at CC HQ and, along those lines, I offer up the following CC reader challenge: To recommend those Canadian bloggers who are currently flying under the radar but who, in your remarkably inappropriate and unhumble opinions, deserve a wider readership.

The rules for this are simple and will be, I'm fairly confident, misinterpreted in every conceivable way:

  • Recommendations cannot be made for blogs that are well-established and have a decent readership already. Those leeches can go find their own audience.

  • Recommended blogs must produce on a regular basis -- someone who posts only occasionally is not eligible.

  • You cannot vote for yourself.

  • Just in case you missed that the first time, you cannot vote for yourself. What part of "cannot" is causing you such grief?

  • Judicious use of profanity should be considered a good thing, but only if tastefully done.

  • Recommendations for new blogs are particularly encouraged. However, let it be made abundantly clear that the 649th re-incarnation of the blog of Weiner Prattles shall not be considered "new." In fact, it shall not even be considered a "blog."

  • Recommendations should be made by leaving as a comment the name of the blog, wrapped inside a hyperlink to that blog. If you don't know how to do that, figure it out.

    If you violate this rule, forcing people to cut and paste, I will have "Nexus of Douchebaggery" blogger Patrick Ross trace your IP address, learn where you live and publish a Google Earth photo of the roof of your house. And you do not want it to come to that.

Take it away. The lines are now open, and operators are standing by to abuse you.


Dave said...

Actually, there are lots of them, but I would give you:

Impolitical and In The House and Senate.

Just to get things rolling.

Les said...

At the moment you're the only Canadian blog that I know for sure is Canadian that I read. And sending traffic to yourself would just be silly.

Mentarch said...

Punditman. More of a "news item" display with short commenting style of a blog, but he manages to find good news items (or different takes on such) to bring attention to.

Gazetteer said...

Me I'm digging Dope City Free Press by Mr. Beer'NHockey.

There is little political, except in the larger sense, but the writing is fine and it helps you to get a feel for the underbellicose side (ie. the more interesting part) of Lotusland.

Oh, and just in case the link doesn't work, you should know that I've camouflaged the roof of my house (and removed the chimney just in case).


Miss Cellania said...

Since I'm a non-political Yankee blogger who is already on your blogroll, I wouldn't dream of suggesting myself. The only Canadian political blogs I read are yours and Saskboy at Abandoned Stuff.