Friday, September 28, 2007

Compassionate conservatism, Blogging Tory style.

  • Raphael demonstrates to the world what being a conservative is all about.

  • Raphael's anonymous commenter demonstrates to the world that Raphael is, well, kind of an asshole.

Any questions?

AFTERSNARK: TBogg has a frightening handle on the right-wing psyche. The last line is the money line. You'd almost swear he'd met Raphael in person.


Ti-Guy said...

Most Conservatives are assholes. We all know this already.

Raphael Alexander said...

He's a thief by not paying taxes, a crook for sneaking into the country, and pathetic for not learning a word of English in 11 years. If this is your poster child for compassionate liberalism I hope you seek a new candidate.

Still, it's kind of disturbing that 7.43% of my entire traffic is due to your linking. Keep it up, sparky!