Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The very definition of "idiot savant."

It would seem that a number of Blogging Tories are none too happy about a recent poll on child care, complaining that the questions were misleading, slanted or what have you.

I am, of course, fascinated by the fact that the same people who are incapable of looking at a simple line graph of increasing global temperatures and figuring out what it might mean are all suddenly authorities on statistical methodology. Don't that just beat all?


Adam said...

Ooh, a majority of Canadians don't think they'll get what they want from CPC policy. Why is this such a shock to them? Did they think they got 35% (or whatever) of the vote because a majority of Canadians agreed with them?

Hell, if the last election had been about policy instead of the Liberals, they'd have had about 20%.

Grog said...

Of course, those same BT's were no doubt utterly up in arms over the supposed 19% of Canadians that don't think pedophilia is immoral - the obvious flaws with that poll notwithstanding...