Thursday, June 15, 2006

My theory. Which is mine.

It's not like I'm being territorial or anything but, given the continuing entertainment value of the parody domain name, I thought it was only fair to point out that that name did, in fact, originate in the fevered imagination of yours truly, who promptly passed it on to Alison at Creekside to do all the actual work.

The perfect gender-based division of labour, no?


Alison said...

Yes, yes you did, Big Dog.
Both the idea of and the link to at Cerberus.
For which, as I recall, I rewarded you with an extremely small smiley face at the very bottom of my post.

The perfect gender-based division of territory, no?

Saskboy said...

Hi, I tried finding where you mentioned it, but only had Alison's link to work with so cited that. I updated my latest post on it with this post of your's.

Thanks for the idea :-)