Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jonathan Strong: The dumbass conservative.

I almost hate to do this because Jonathan has been moderately civil in terms of discourse but, really, there's no other way to describe it than that he's one of the most hypocritical twits in Wankerdom.

It's not enough that, after being slapped around regarding his idiotically gullible posts on global warming, he hasn't backed off even a little after the thorough thrashing he's received here. No retraction, no correction, no apology. No, it's better than that.

Here, Strong puts some amazing spin on the story that obviously-corrupt Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson has been turfed from his seat on the ethics committee. So what makes Strong such a dumbass about this?

First, his post headline reads simply, "Jefferson Loses Seat." Yes, and he lost it because his fellow Democrats kicked him out. It's not like he just showed up one day and his seat was mysteriously missing or anything. And how does Strong spin this?

First, he writes (emphasis added), "Dems have finally voted to remove Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson of his seat on the ethics committee." "Finally?" As if this has been dragging on and on and on whereas this whole process was actually quite quick as politics goes. But that's not the most idiotic part of Strong's silliness.

Strong continues:

Now make no mistake, Dems are not doing this because they believe this is the right thing to do morally. For the left, there really is no right and wrong, no black and white, its all shades of grey. They are doing this now for political reasons only, otherwise they would have nothing to say in November regarding ethics in Congress.

And now you see how it works. If the Dems had opted to leave Jefferson on the ethics committee, Strong would undoubtedly have howled about how they were protecting corruption. But since they chose to get rid of him, they're just doing it for political expediency. Those poor Dems. They just can't catch a break in Jonathan's world, can they? Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Of course, while the Dems are stripping their own ethically-challenged members of their committee seats, the GOP is holding fundraisers to cover their legal expenses. I'm guessing that, in Jonathan's bubble, that would just show the depth of their compassion. Or something.

P.S. I love the fact that Jonathan writes:

For the left, there really is no right and wrong, no black and white, its all shades of grey.

Remember, this is the same guy who tut-tutted back here:

Its easy to name call and label people liars, however I believe your cause would be better served by providing the actual evidence for global warming instead of believing in it blindly like someone in a cult.

Then again, liberalism shares many resemblances of a cult.

So it's a little gauche and tasteless to name call, unless it's to accuse an entire demographic of resembling a cult and of being morally bankrupt. I hope we've cleared that up for you.


The Strong Conservative said...

Hey, come on, I thought you could do a better job cricizing me than that...

But thanks for reading anyway.

I'm not sure why you have to label me a dumbass though, I do have a BA with honors and a JD.

J.A.S. said...

I feel like this guy:
not quite the same but...