Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's only corruption if you're a Liberal.

Is someone keeping a list of this stuff? First, let's bring you up to speed:

With the amount of Conservative corruption already being uncovered this may become a weekly feature...

and give Robert yet another entry:

Tories backtracking on accountability bill

The Conservative government has climbed down from its hard line toward senior Tories who worked on its transition team, bringing in an amendment to its ethics bill last night that would allow them to become lobbyists under certain conditions.

Team members who placed people in top jobs in ministers' offices and the Prime Minister's Office can lobby the very people they hired if an independent commissioner exempts them from the five-year ban that the new law creates.

Ladies and gentlemen: your morals and values party. How did we ever survive without them?

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Lone Primate said...

I'm not surprised. And it's not just the Tories. The Grits let us down on their GST promises. I'd have been more surprised if the Tories had stuck to their word and measured up to the yardstick they were beating the Liberals with last fall. Well, come the next election, I know where we voters can shove that yardstick.