Monday, June 26, 2006

Civil discourse: the latest fashion.

Once upon a time, accusing someone of "lying" was not just intellectually acceptable, it was all the rage.

Not long afterwards, though, a funny thing happened. Accusing someone of lying was suddenly a hideously classless, mean-spirited, demonstration of shrieking moonbat Bush Derangement Syndrome -- proof positive of total clinical sociopathic madness.

Hey, kids ... guess what's back in style?


Ti-Guy said...

I never really knew that so many Americans despised their fellow-countrymen. Or that the fascist wingnuts could lie so blithely and without consequence.

Oh, well. Seal the borders.

Anonymous said...

This is rather tangential, but it is something about lying that amuses me, so I thought I'd share this excerpt of “The View from the Cheap Seats” (Rick Mercer, Steeters: Rants and Raves from This Hour Has 22 Minutes):

And then, out of the blue, one MP called another MP a liar. Well, the place went up. Because apparently the worst thing you can do in the House of Commons is call someone a liar. If you call someone a liar, and you do not apologize, you are kicked out of the House, which is ironic, seeing as that is how most of them get in there in the first place. But if you’re an MP, you can lie all you want and nobody will call you a liar, because that would be the truth, and the truth is not allowed when it comes to lying, because in the House there are no liars. Just like in the big house, here are no guilty men.