Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging Tory drive-by smackdown.

Tight schedule so must smack this idiot upside the head with all possible brevity, as he mindlessly reproduces a CPC missive (emphasis added):

News release

Statement by Conservative Party on Convention Fees

The Party’s convention arrangements in 2005 fully respected the law.

The fees we charged our delegates to attend did not exceed the costs of running the convention. The fees covered such things as meals, hall rental, security and the like, and there was no net revenue earned by the Party. Consistent with interpretations of the Elections Act and the Income Tax Act issued by Elections Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency and applied many times in the past concerning the price of admission to political events, receipts for a political contributions were therefore not issued for any part of the delegate fee.

Hall rental? Security? Since when?

Mr. MacKinnon explained that a part of a convention fee can be considered an expense for the person attending. The price of a dinner, for example, would not be considered a donation. However, other costs, like microphones and speakers, cannot be deducted, he said.

So one would think that figuring out who's correct here would be fairly straightforward, no? Apparently not, despite the fact that Mr. BBS claims to have "studied the Election Act extensively over the last six months." And, apparently, learned absolutely goddamned nothing. How exactly does one study the Election Act "extensively" for half a year and still not know what constitutes a legal deduction and what doesn't?

Take it away.


Dave said...

"Elections Act 404.4 (1) Any person who is authorized to accept contributions on behalf of a registered party, a registered association, a candidate, a leadership contestant or a nomination contestant shall issue a receipt — of which he or she shall keep a copy — for each contribution of more than $25 that he or she accepts." 30 seconds.

All money coming in has to be recipted and copied. Just because your event isn't turning a profit doesn't mean you are exempt from declaring it to Elections Canada

Walks With Coffee said...

Most delegates attending the conference were issue political tax deduction receipts for attending the convention... In fact, most some where issue tax receipts for more than just the gate fee:

I have e-mails, screen shots, rev canada has the tax receipts.