Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: June 17, 2006.

Shorter Upper Canada Catholic: "As a Catholic, I'm appalled by the thought of men sodomizing other men."

Shorter Dr. Roy: "This time, the National Post is going to get it right. Yes, sir, this time. Count on it."

Shorter Bill Strong: "Learning stuff is for liberals."


Tim said...

A reality check for UCC: Being gay does not equal being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Being gay is not a fucking lifestyle choice, it is an orientation of sexual, emotional and romantic partnering. Sexually transmitted diseases occur in sexually active populations heterosexuality or homosexuality does not make one more or less prone to disease. Take this summary of a syphillis outbreak in Edmonton. Are we to conclude that all heterosexuals will get syphillis based on this data? According to UCC the answer would be yes:

Edmonton, Canada - The Capital Health region is experiencing a significant rise in syphilis cases. Since June, the region has reported 18 people as having locally acquired the sexually-transmitted disease.

This is of particular concern considering the expected number of cases during this period should be zero. Most of the cases have stemmed from people involved in casual or anonymous sex. The majority of cases have been among heterosexual men. Approximately half of the heterosexual men concerned have reported sex with a sex trade worker.

"The rise in infection rates of syphilis in our region is a serious trend that we are monitoring closely," says Dr. Ameeta Singh, Medical Director of Capital Health's Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Centre. "Anyone who has been involved in sexual relations with a casual or anonymous partner should be tested for syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV."

Other communities such as Vancouver and Winnipeg have experienced similar outbreaks of syphilis in 2003. These outbreaks required actively searching for and treating cases as well as reinforcing the importance of safe sex practices.

Dave T. said...

In a comment on a post on A. Carlton Bigot's (aka Upper Canada Lying Homophobe's) blog, someone writes in response to a bigoted homophobic post about two lesbian mothers:

"There is no real science anymore. Sigh."

The irony.

Miss Cellania said...

What does this statement imply? That all Catholics are straight (duh)? That Protestants or non-Christians could not be apalled? Or maybe it means that at times the speaker is not quite Catholic? Sometimes I wonder if people ever think about how they put their words together.

famousringo said...

Shorter UCC reminds me of a picture I saw in Maclean's recently. A same-sex marriage protestor holding a sign which proclaimed "It endorses masturbation!"

Cue Monty Python singing Every Sperm is Sacred.