Monday, November 07, 2005

You want "irreducible"? I'll give you irreducible.

No, I'm not talking about that deranged idiocy of irreducible complexity and Intelligent Design. I'm talking about this piece by Driftglass, where he pegs perfectly a scary proportion of the population (and don't think that his point doesn't apply north of the border as well):

I actually agree with Ken Duberstein (who, like any hooker that wants to make the rent, will say whatever the client scrawls on the napkin and tells him to say) on one point: there is an irreducible minimum number of Americans who are so hopelessly, mentally and morally decomposed that it literally does not matter what Dubya does, they will always side with him in the end.

Hmmmmmmm ... sound like anyone you know? Read the whole piece. Then substitute "Harper" for "Bush" and note how well it still scans.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, you could say exactly the same thing about the core Liberal vote, I think.