Tuesday, November 15, 2005

That doggone American "liberal" media.

Those poor, down-trodden American conservatives -- they just can't catch a break what with that oppressive "liberal" media always smacking them around. I mean, just look at what they have to deal with now:

Last week, the Los Angeles Times fired liberal columnist Robert Scheer, a 32-year veteran of the paper. The Times article announcing the firing offered no hint of explanation, though Scheer himself suggested it was the result of pressure from conservatives: "I've been a punching bag for Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh for years and I think the paper finally collapsed."

But what to do to fill that Scheer-sized hole in the columnists' section? No problem:

The Los Angeles Times announced a major shake-up of its op-ed page today. Gone are cartoonist Michael Ramirez and liberal columnist Robert Scheer.

In their place, you won’t find any committed progressives like Scheer. Instead, L.A. Times editors chose National Review contributing editor and “Liberal Fascism” author Jonah Goldberg.

That's right. Out with Robert Scheer, in with Doughy Pantload. Damn that "liberal" media. Damn them!

I'm waiting for the day when Antonia Zerbisias gets turfed in favour of Kate McMillan. OK, that just creeped me out.


Antonia Z said...

Nah. She'd have to move to the big city where it's big and scary and ffer real.

Not as stupid as you said...

Great work!!! You found an example where a liberal columnist was replaced with a conservative. I guess that puts the lie to the whole "liberal media" thing.