Sunday, November 20, 2005

So long, Jinx. Don't let the door whack you in the ass on the way out.

Finally deciding that I'll enforce a position I laid down a while back, I'm going to be deleting any further comments from one Jason/"Jinx McHue" on this blog, for the simple reason that he is a lying little turd who, when caught lying, refuses to 'fess up and just moves on to the next lie.

(If you really need to know the basis for this accusation, feel free to read about just one example here, where Jinx initially reported that troop new-enlistment rates were zipping along just peachy keen and then, when his source for that information issued a public retraction, Jinx never mentioned this to his adoring readership. And this is a guy who comes around, accusing me of dishonesty.)

Given Jinx's pathological dishonesty, I've decided that I'm not giving him a forum here anymore. He will, of course, scream about how I can't take the heat and how I'm scared to engage him in debate and other such rubbish -- this from someone who cavalierly deletes comments from dissenters at his own blog at the drop of a hat.

He will also, of course, accuse me of "censoring" him which is, of course, a nonsensical accusation. He has every right to say whatever he wants at his own blog, and more power to him. But I'm tired of him coming by here and dumping dishonest rubbish in my comments section. I'd rather he kept his dishonest swill over there, thank you very much.

It's not like I didn't give Jinx enough chances to come clean. I have, on many occasions, pointed out his illogic and his lies and asked him to correct the record, which he has never, ever done. And there comes a point where one just runs out of patience.

Bye bye, Jinx. Take your act elsewhere.

P.S. I will leave in place all of Jinx's comments that are already part of the historical record, but all new stuff is going bye bye.

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