Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pajamas Media: All the news that's fit to rip off from other online sites.

Well, Pajama Wankers is certainly living up to its hype by "reporting" news that consists of, well, linking to other people who are doing the reporting. Apparently, $3.5 million in venture capital can get you a lot, but it doesn't actually get you, you know, the ability to report, like, news. Of your own.

One amusing aspect of PJ's coverage is that, while it reports correctly that the White House dismisses the bombing story as "outlandish," it doesn't point out that the WH hasn't actually, technically, per se, denied the story.

It also doesn't mention the kind of relevant fact that a Cabinet Office civil servant is being accused under the Official Secrets Act of passing the memo to someone else, which would generally suggest that there really is something to this story.

I guess that's what linking to other blogs is for -- so they can do the heavy lifting that is real journalism.

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