Monday, November 21, 2005

Mr. Strong continues to get his comeuppance.

Ah ... apparently, I can now lean back and enjoy the fruits of my labour as others start to pound on Mr. Strong for his overwhelming dishonesty. Note specifically this comment, in which "Lord Kitchener's Own" notices the same odd discrepancy I pointed out earlier:

Bill, I thought this point of yours was a little shocking:

"Lost on Mr. Cynic is the fact that I was exactly aware of what was being voted on, having watched it live on television."

To me Bill, that says that you KNEW that this was all B.S. political gamesmanship by the Republicans, and yet you STILL twisted it into some sort of vote supporting the administration's position on Iraq.

I had assumed, reading your original post, that you had simply assumed that the Republicans had soundly defeated Murtha's resolution, and that you didn't actually know that the Republicans had introduced their own, more extreme motion, in a silly (and ultimately counter-productive) political game intended to make the Dems look bad. But you actually KNEW what had really happened? And you still posted a comment calling the DEMOCRATS liers, and accusing THEM of deception and hypocricy?

Wow. That's rich.

Yes, yes, it is, isn't it?

Note also, with the shitstorm now swirling around him, still not a hint of retraction or apology from Mr. Strong. I'm shocked ... oh, hell, no, I'm not. Not even a little bit.

And Mr. Strong has the nerve to suggest that I owe him an apology. That'll be the day.

WHAT THE FUCK? And still refusing to admit to the extent of his dumbfuckitude, Mr. Strong lashes back with this and this, and continues to lie about the proposal for an immediate withdrawal being a Democratic proposal:

Some readers have questioned how I could possibly speak out in favour of the Republicans "stunt" to force a vote in Congress Friday on the Democrat's proposal for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. It's because the Democrats have been playing politics with the war - and it's time they got called on it.

So ... no retraction, no correction, no apology ... just repeating the same lie over and over. This is getting depressingly predictable.

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