Monday, November 14, 2005

More Canadian content, damn you! More, I say!

Does my blog somewhere have a sign saying, "Welcome, bonehead wankers" or something? How else to explain Anonalogue's childish whining about why I'm not covering the issues near and dear to his heart?

How do you feel about the Liberals' PATRIOT act? Would it kill you to take a break from making fun of Commander Chimpy and maybe say a word about the biggest rights grab in Canadian history?

Why do you give Paul Martin a free pass when his government proposes Bush-style legislation that would make even Cheney blush? Surely the Liberal PATRIOT act is a bigger issue than this Sony business, no?

Which no doubt explains why, when one drops by Anon's site and does a text search on the word "patriot," one gets "Text not found."

Sometimes, these comebacks just write themselves, don't they?


v said...

Loser, you suck at life, politics and the internet. Here is the proof that The Anonalogue Experience is at the vanguard of Civil Liberties:

Here is my favourite from months ago, watch how I rally support among the left and act as a uniter:

At 2:28 PM MDT, Anonalogue said...
Hey, how come Canadian left wingers criticize America so much? The Liberals are about to introduce a Canadian version of the "PATRIOT Act" and nary a word from the "progressive" bloggers? I thought you fancied yourself somewhat of a libertarian? Well, libertarian guys do libertarian things, like try to make their own country more free instead of criticizing our neighbours. Can I count on your support, my brother, in opposing this evil legislation?

At 5:28 PM MDT, Mike said...
Yes, Anonalogue, you can.

At 12:02 AM MDT, Cycles2k Calgary said...
I think you can probably count on my opposition to a Canadian version of the US Patriot Act.


And another good one:

" Oooooohh, someone needs to switch to decaf! It's a fair question, Mike. We do have high taxes, and the Libs do want to introduce not only their PATRIOT Act but other pieces of legislation that weaken our freedoms."

Now that we've established how I am right and you are wrong, are you content with being 150% pwned in this thread, or did you want to go for the full 200%? Please advise!

Grog said...


CC writes about what interests him. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.

Crying and calling someone a "loser" is pathetic, childish and ridiculous.

Grow Up!

stellababy said...

apparently anonalogue has nothing better to do on a monday but harass our lovely shit-stirring CC.
checked out your site, anon, and it simply doesn't compare to this one. but I guess you dont care what I think, 'cause I'm one of those useless Canadian women earning a BA at UofT.

Mike said...

Interesting this constant need to make oneself feel good and important by debasing others.

I wonder what the DSM IV has to say about that...

Anonalogue, you really need to chill out. Perhaps some meds.

Blogs are like TV. If you don;t like hwat you read, don't read it.