Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Mission?" There was a "mission?"

One last shot of snark before I go shopping for cold-weather gear. From the Lizard Queen herself:

Q TO follow up on that, what Congressman Murtha also said is that the war in Iraq, as you described it, he said is not as advertised, and he said, your policy is flawed and wrapped in illusion. And you know he's very close with the military. So what do you make of that, the fact that he thinks --

SECRETARY RICE: Well, Dana, I've been with our military in Iraq, I've been with our military in Afghanistan, we were with our military in South Korea yesterday. I've never seen greater commitment and energy and dedication to a mission that they respect and believe in.

Now, here's the question that is open to everyone, sentient beings and Blogging Tories alike. What is the "mission?" Be concise and specific. Give examples where appropriate.

Is the mission the location of all WMDs? I think we've already established that that's a farce.

Is the mission regime change? Been there, done that.

Is the mission bringing democracy to Iraq? I dont recall that on the original TO DO list.

So ... what's the "mission?" And how exactly will one know when it's been accomplished?

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