Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The joy of watching wankers backpedal furiously.

Have you heard the one about the Democratic congressman who proposed a gradual drawdown of troops from Iraq?

Seriously, though, this story really is the gift that keeps on giving. Part of the story was one certifiable, crazed, right-wing loon, Jean Schmidt, who, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, directly insulted Rep. John Murtha thusly (emphasis added):

A few minutes ago I received a call from Colonel Danny Bubp, Ohio Representative from the 88th district in the House of Representatives. He asked me to send Congress a message: Stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message, that cowards cut and run, Marines never do. Danny and the rest of America and the world want the assurance from this body – that we will see this through.

Today, though, said Colonel Bubp isn't being quite so kick-ass:

A colonel in the Marine reserves has taken issue with how his views were represented in a Republican attack last week on Representative Murtha.

Speaking on the House floor on Friday, Representative Jean Schmidt, Republican of Ohio, asserted that the colonel had "asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message: that cowards cut and run, marines never do."

But a spokeswoman for the colonel, Danny R. Bubp, said Ms. Schmidt had misconstrued their conversation.

While Mr. Bubp, a Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives, opposes a quick withdrawal for forces, "he did not mention Congressman Murtha by name nor did he mean to disparage Congressman Murtha," said Karen Tabor, his spokeswoman. "He feels as though the words that Congresswoman Schmidt chose did not represent their conversation."

Everyone run away from the crazy lady! Run away! Run away! It's pretty funny when even the neo-cons think some of their own are just too freakin' nuts to deal with anymore.

OH, YES, this story has legs.


catherine said...

How do I run away if I live in Ohio? Huh? Help me.

I love watching the replay of her statements and hearing that sound of anger rise up around her, almost like a seismic wave. But I waited in vain for it to smash her.

Trying to run away. Catherine in Cleveland Heights

Gabriel said...

Well, Ohio is pretty close to the Canada-US border.
Get the support of the state government, and cede from the United States.
Simple as that.
Universal healthcare, a better worldwide reputation, and a government less corrupt than the Republicans wait for you.

Seriously, why not try and get a Greater Canada campaign working here?
It's like Manifest Destiny, but in reverse!

CC said...

gabriel writes:

Well, Ohio is pretty close to the Canada-US border. Get the support of the state government, and cede from the United States.

How about this: You can have Quebec, and we'll take Ohio. But you have to keep all your wingnuts. That's non-negotiable.

Actually, throw in Maine and Rhode Island as well and it's a deal.