Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dirty bomb? WHAT dirty bomb?

You know, it's almost impossible to fully catalogue the screwups, mistakes, miscues, flip-flops and fuckups of the Bush White House but, what the hell, might as well just add this to the list:

White House reverses field on "dirty bomb' suspect

Jose Padilla -- the terror suspect and "enemy combatant" locked up for years by order of President George W. Bush because he was suspected of plotting to detonate a "dirty bomb" to contaminate a U.S. city with radioactivity -- will finally face charges unconnected with any attack on the United States.

Yes, read that last part carefully. The charges will have nothing to do with any alleged attack on any alleged American city. Apparently, a man who was so dangerous that he could not be allowed to even meet with a lawyer for the longest time will now not even be charged based on what he's been accused of all this time.

You Americans might want to take a quick photo of your civil rights, just so you have something to stare wistfully at in the years to come.

: From that same article:

Mr. Bush has sent Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a note, asking him to hand Mr. Padilla over to the U.S. criminal-justice system.

That George ... always with the notes, that guy.

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