Saturday, November 12, 2005

A challenge to my readers.

I'm curious -- given the Right's incessant whining about how liberals don't support the troops or do support the terrorists or want to kill adorable, fuzzy puppies or some such rot, I'd like to know how many right-wing blogs came out to aggressively and explicitly denounce Bill O'Falafel's suggestion that pissed-off terrorists blow up San Francisco's Coit Tower (see below).

Seriously, for a population of bloggers who hold themselves up as a bunch of moralistic, "culture of life" saints, there's been a shocking silence on O'Reilly's call to murder innocent citizens. So here's the challenge.

I'd like my readers to peruse the wankersphere and report back any sightings of O'Reilly-inspired outrage from his ideological brethren. Seriously. If these people can get all cranked up about imaginary troop dissing, surely they would have to take offense to a call for outright murder of U.S. citizens. Well, at least you'd think so.

So ... go wild. Feel free to hit the usual suspects -- Little Green Dumbfucks™, Crazy-Assed Bitch™, those sorts of folks. Who will be the first to find a consistent standard of outrage and a lack of hypocrisy?

The lines are open.

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