Friday, November 18, 2005

Canada's most esteemed public intellectuals. And their lawyers.

Is it possible that anyone over at the National Post is even remotely embarrassed about having power couple Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel on their voting list of "Canada's Most Esteemed Public Intellectuals," and at the same time having to put up with this:

Lord Black is indicted

Defiant couple keep up social appearances as the legal dominoes fall

Probably not. I'm pretty sure you don't normally find the phrases "National Post" and "shame" uttered in the same sentence.

BONUS TRACK: Whoops. Better not get too smug about this -- apparently, that would be in bad taste:

Arrest warrant out for Lord Black

I know the leftists are going to have a field day over this one.

Apparently, gloating over the misfortunes of your ideological opponents is suddenly a bad thing. Who knew?

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