Friday, April 01, 2005

And the "culture of life" hypocrisy just continues.

From today's New York Times, regarding an increasingly-ailing Pope John Paul II:

... The apparent nearness of death set off concern - but some degree of relief, too, that the pope may be released from his long and painful years of illness ...

Ah, I see -- so Terri Schiavo is to be kept functionally alive, no matter what, no matter how futile the effort, but the Pope might finally be released from his long-term ill health.

Fuck that. I want to see the same Catholics who were weeping and wailing outside Terri Schiavo's hospital demanding that the Pope now be kept alive at any cost for the next 15 years, even if it means poking him full of tubes and watching him descend into a persistent vegetative state.

Hypocritical assholes, the lot of them. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror?


agitprop said...

Keep Pope Alive! Keep Pope Alive!

Comandante AgĂ­ said...

Keep Pope Alive! Keep Pope Alive!