Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Social Security trust fund. Now you see it ...

Can anyone in this lying, sack-of-cat-crap administration keep a simple story straight? No, no, according to Commander Chimpy,
there's no Social Security trust fund:

Some in our country think that Social Security is a trust fund -- in other words, there's a pile of money being accumulated. That's just simply not true. The money -- payroll taxes going into the Social Security are spent. They're spent on benefits and they're spent on government programs. There is no trust.

No, wait, yes, yes, there is a trust fund:

Realizing that Social Security is going to run out of money very quickly because of the generation of workers who will be retiring within the next 10-20 years, Bush said it is obvious that the "system has changed."

But Bush was quick to assure current retirees and those nearing retirement age that they "don't have a thing to worry about."

"The Social Security trust is solvent," Bush declared.

Can anyone in an upcoming White House press gaggle ask about this with a simple, direct, non-tap-danceable question? Anyone? Bueller?

(Talon News ... Talon News ... where have I heard that name before? Oh, yeah. Here.)

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