Thursday, February 24, 2005

Missile defense? We don' need no steenkin' missile defense.

this online CTV article regarding missile defense:

... Paul Cellucci, the country's ambassador here, was saying "we don't get it," as to why Canada doesn't wish to participate in the controversial program.

"If there's a missile incoming, and it's heading toward Canada, you are going to leave it up to the United States to determine what to do about that missile. We don't think that is in Canada's sovereign interest."

Um ... guys, the only way a missile is going to be headed for Canada is if they were aiming for the U.S. and missed.

BONUS TRACK: You know, I'm reminded that the last time Canada got into bed with the U.S. in terms of an aerospace program, it cost us the Avro Arrow. Can we not make that kind of mistake again?


Hector said...

# of missles ever fired at N.A.: 0
# of times BMD tested in last 6 months:1
# of successful interceptions: 0
Canadians and pundits worrying about Americans shooting down non-existent missles over Canada: Priceless.

Hector said...

Excuse me, there have been two tests.

# of interceptions remains the same.

Dizzy Gillespie said...

Um ... guys, the only way a missile is going to be headed for Canada is if they were aiming for the U.S. and missed.

You would think that wouldn't you? But, think about this. France was targeted for numerous terrorists attacks...but we exposed them and stopped them. This is France...they reaaaallly hate the US.

What you don't quite grasp, CC, is that these terrorists want to kill ANYONE they can to make their point across.

They recently just attacked their own "holy" mosques. I believe four of them.

If Canada is just one big, weak nation...doesn't that make it seem like a good target?

But, if you think submitting to terrosrism is best, well...

David Wozney said...

Without missile defence, some alliance of nations, through the use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM's), might try to trigger a "mutual assured destruction" nuclear war between North America and another nation.

CC said...

From CC:

Holy smoked salmon, Mr. Gillespie! I had no idea that terrorists had planned on attacking France with intercontinental ballistic missiles! I must have missed that news bulletin.

I'm sure you can provide online links to back up those claims, can't you?