Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The five stages of right-wing wanker rhetoric.

mahigan, over at
True North, links to an entertaining piece which proposes a universal shorthand for the "Balbulican Dismissal Chart", or "BUD" for short. This so reminded me of my own wanker's four stages of debate that I decided to ever-so-slightly update the list here. For your edification, the right-wing wanker's five stages of intellectual discourse:
  1. Unreasoning and uncompromising embrace of utterly nonsensical and indefensible position.
  2. Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) redefinition of basic terms to suit the argument.
  3. Unexpected change of subject or moving of goalposts to desperately avoid impending defeat.
  4. Sudden admission of error, accompanied by insistence that it's no big deal, why are you taking it all so seriously, like, chill out, man.
  5. Reappearance one week later, starting all over from step one as if none of the above had ever happened.

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