Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Corner lays a beatdown on Intelligent Design. Go figure.

Will wonders never cease? Even the wingnuts (well, one of them, anyway) over at The Corner have figured out
the deal on Intelligent Design. If you're a pro-ID, right-wing wanker, read it and weep. If even the Derb is giving up on the current incarnation of ID, it is seriously on life support.

(By the way, I'm not recommending Derb's piece just because it says bad things about ID. I'm recommending it because I read it carefully and, glory be, he actually gets it right. Apparently, some of those folks really do have their occasional moments of lucidity.)


mynym said...

He says,
"The notion of the ID-ers, that you can find Him by staring hard at the gaps in our current scientific understanding, seems to me to be a sort of comic-book metaphysics, betraying a dire lack of imagination, and an utter waste of time."


The supposed argument from ignorance.Comic books? There is little difference between Spider-man and Ape-man in some ways.

They are based on a pattern typical to the mythological narratives of naturalism.

CC said...

From CC:

You really don't understand the "God of the Gaps" argument at all, do you? Give me time, I'll get around to it. You might be surprised at what it does mean.

mynym said...

The God of the gaps argument seems to be an attempted stop gap measure of Darwinists, as the gaps keep getting bigger and bigger.

You can pretend, if you like, that science is giving answers in support of some sort of broad paste of Naturalism that supposedly can fill all gaps. In fact, science as the pursuit of knowledge and truth is indicating that its answer is incompleteness. Only an adherence to Naturalism as a sort of faith or hope is capable of going against such evidence. There are also those who change the definition of science to the pursuit of naturalistic explanation. They are not pursuing the truth, so it should not be surprising that they do not find a true answer.

It seems typical that Leftists want their Mother Earth to smother them in her Naturalism. That's their neurosis, typically. But let's see, are there any gaps for your own mind or Life to fit in? Is the text you write here a recording of the biochemical state of your brain at the moment?

If anyone is to be smothered by such a philosophy, it is best if Leftists are forced to live by it first.

So, did Nature select your writing by her natural selection?

CC said...

From CC:

Like I said, you really don't understand it, do you? Be patient. I'll get to it.