Wednesday, February 16, 2005

But what if Bill Clinton had done it?

Joe Conason
asks the same question that countless folks have been asking for months -- how is it that George W. Chimpster can get away with the same stuff that would have had Republicans howling for Bill Clinton's head on a pike at the gates of the city?

Concerned Citizen: "George Bush is gutting environmental protection rules!"
Republican: "Yeah, what of it?"
CC: "George Bush just squandered hundreds of billions of dollars of federal surplus, and driven the country into record-breaking deficits, just to give his rich friends obscene tax breaks!"
R: "And your point is?"
CC: "George Bush is trying to dismantle the safety net of Social Security!"
R: "Ho hum."
CC: "George Bush lied the country into a disastrous war on Iraq that cost almost 1500 lives and $300 billion!"
R: "Yeah ... whatever."
CC: "Bill Clinton got a blowjob in the White House."
R: "JEEZUS H. CHRIST! That perverted, immoral, baby-killing bastard! Impeachment's too good for him! He needs to be driven from office, hounded mercilessly, stripped naked and left to die on an ice floe!"
CC: "George Bush arranged for a gay, male hooker to have access to the White House and top-secret confidential memoes."
R: "Man, you really are starting to be kind of a pain, aren't you?"

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