Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And your life insurance is up to date, right?

From the "Not noticing the really disturbing trend" department, we have perhaps the next prime minister of Iraq who
needs badly to buy a clue:

The shy family doctor who has become the leading candidate for the job of Iraqi prime minister said yesterday that ending the country's rampant violence is his top priority and that U.S. troops will remain as long as they are needed to achieve that goal...

"The security situation is at the top," he said. As a result, [Ibrahim al-Jaafari] will not push for the United States and its allies to withdraw their troops from Iraq any time soon, he said.

So, American troops shouldn't count on coming home any time soon. And, given what typically happens to overt supporters of U.S. policy in Iraq, al-Jaafari probably shouldn't be buying any green bananas in the near future.

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