Friday, February 11, 2005

... and the right puts on its crown of thorns.

Some predictable martyrdom from over there in Right Wing Wanker Land as the conservative media contort themselves into uncomfortable positions, trying to paint "Jazzy Jeff" Gannon as the victim in all of this. Like
this piece, which involves Accuracy in Media's [sic] Cliff Kincaid crying like a little girl.

Consider the following precious excerpt:

[Gannon's] crimes were that he was too pro-Republican, attended White House briefings, and asked questions unfair to Democrats.

Well, darn, I could have sworn there was more to it than that. Like how "Gannon":
  • allegedly "worked" for an online news service that was closely affiliated with,
  • had no legitimate journalistic credentials whatsoever,
  • had already been denied a Senate press pass because of that lack of credentials,
  • had an unpredecented two-year access to White House press conferences with nothing more than a constantly-reissued daily pass [Ed: note proper use of the word "unprecedented"],
  • continually lobbed creampuff questions at either Commander Chimpy or Scott McClellan, and
  • did all of this under an assumed name.

And, oh, yeah, there's that whole gay military prostitution website thing. That, too.

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