Monday, May 07, 2018

Dear Andrew Lawton:

You might want to think your current political strategy -- "I'm not really a racist misogynist, it was just the mental illness talking" is not what most people consider a winning campaign slogan.


Antonia Z said...

Thanks to Dawg on Facebook, I just noticd you're back at the CC board! YAY!

Jackie said...

Not to mention, it unfairly stigmatizes mentally ill people.

Trudeau's mom has done a lot of work advocating for better treatment and social acceptance of those with legitimate mental health struggles. Whether he does have some diagnosis or not, for a guy like this Rebel Media wanker to attribute his nastiness to "mental illness" does a serious disservice to sufferers, who've been scapegoated long enough.

So in addition to being a racist and misogynist, Lawton is an ableist too. Very fine people in Doug Ford's camp. Incredible, terrific, tremendous. Be the best.