Thursday, May 27, 2010

The unfuckable Jason Kenney: Liar!

Via Stageleft, we have the following beauty, which deserves MASSIVE distribution:

Take it away, sports fans.


harebell said...

Are our elected representatives that stupid that they don't realise that nothing is forgotten in the world of digital media?
Or are they that dumb that they have no concept of googling stuff?
Jon Stewart makes living with just this kind of juxtaposition.
What a sad indictment of the intelligence the modern Minister of State.
On the other hand maybe it's just that they are too arrogant to give a poop.

double nickel said...

What a douchebag.(Apologies to all the legitimate douchebags out there).

Rev.Paperboy said...

this video is now linked or embedded in roughly three-quarters of the posts currently frontpaged at Progressive Bloggers. I'm guessing the other quarter just haven't gotten around to posting it yet.

Given all the trouble the Harper Cons are going to in order to completely control the flow of information, even the most easily led voter is eventually going to wonder just what it is these lying douche bags are trying to hide.

Moon Rattled said...

These morons might want to remember, in the Internet age everything is available.