Thursday, May 27, 2010

That $200 million security bill? Down the memory hole.

Maybe I'm just pooching this, but it seems that all those online references that once promised no more than a $200 million security bill for the upcoming summits have all gone bye-bye.

Google for it -- here, let me save you the trouble. I use that phrase since it seemed to be popular, and at least Google claims to have found a few hits.

Now follow those links. Go ahead. I'll wait right here.

Do you see any pages at the other end of those links? And if you do, do they say anything about that specific amount of money? Hmmmmmmm?

Or maybe search for some variation of that phrase. Can you find anything online that still refers to that earlier, much smaller amount? I'm just curious.


JJ said...

Well, at the start of this video from Canada dot com, the reporter refers to the "200 million security bill" right away, but in the interview that follows, Clement doesn't say anything about the amount.

I don't know how relevant this is, but there it is.

CC said...

Not sure what to think of the video, but don't you find it interesting that of all those alleged Google hits based on a very specific search string, not a single page was found that actually contains that string?

Two out of the three NP stories aren't even there anymore, and they're less than a week old.

Joe said...

If you go to that Edmonton Journal article, take a look at the Page Source, and do a Ctrl+F for "$200", you'll find the headline "Federal industry minister Tony Clement is defending the $200-million security bill for next month's G8 summit in Ontario" buried in the HTML.

CC said...

Oh, the Edmonton Journal article that JJ found does indeed have that amount right in the title, so I wonder why Google never found it. Curious.