Monday, May 17, 2010

Sure, let's talk about ugly.

Via ETP, we are once again reminded of the overall ugliness of one Maria S Nunes:

... how come Conservative women are so beautiful and articulate whereas the other side have people like Rachel MadCow and Ariana Whatever.

Commenter CK stops by Audrey's to point out the hideously obvious:

Just dropped a line off over there, although, since she moderates her comments, not sure if it'll get published; basically suggested she take a look at Wendy Sullivan, Kathy Shaidle and Denyse OLeary and Sandy Crux.

In unrelated news, I give you the newest Miss USA: Lebanese immigrant Rima Fakih:

And then there's Kathy Shaidle:

Don't make me post a picture of Ezra Levant. We'll all regret it.


This Is Me Posting said...

Wow. Evidentially, Maria doesn't own a mirror. Interesting.

thwap said...

How do you know the Lebanese gal is a lefty?

(BTW: There's a lot of that going around in Lebanon I here.)

These sorts of discussions aren't really necessary, but Maria did start that one.

Moon Rattled said...

And don't forget the very obvious one. Ann Coulter. Gah!

Sparky said...

Ann Coulter has an adam's apple. Dunno of that counts...

greeneggsandtam said...

Is that a perm?