Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reality and that gosh-darned liberal bias.

Staying on topic with Stephen Harper's gutting of Canada's navy, we have, over at this CBC story, one of Little Stevie's perky attack poodles with his massive man crush spilling over:

And then there's reality:

The Harper Conservatives’ failed record on the Arctic:

• They broke their 2006 election promise to build three armed icebreakers by cancelling two of them and failing to deliver on the remaining one;
• There has been no progress on much-needed plans to build new fixed-wing search-and-rescue aircraft for Canada, jeopardizing the safety of Canadians and our military while failing to live up to international obligations to work together on Arctic search and rescue;
• There is still no deep water dock facility – all they’ve done is change its planned location from Iqaluit to Nanisivik;
• They terminated the procurement process for new ice-strengthened naval resupply ships;
• No new coast guard patrol vessels have been built after the government cancelled their own procurement process; and
• They failed to increase Canadian Ranger numbers from 4,100 to 5,000.

Are we done here? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're done here. Attack poodle epic fail.

pool dive back flip fail


jkg said...

That is probably one of the greatest myths promulgated by the Harper's partisans. I am still amazed the extent at which people believe it. Some of his policy moves in this regard have actually been myopic and against the advice of high ranking military officials, much to their consternation.

I wish I could seemingly live in that kind of fairy tale.

Scotian said...

Being a lifelong Haligonian I've been watching this happen with disgust for years now. It was clear to anyone that actually paid attention that Harper was weakening further our Navy despite all of the feel good self righteous claptrap they have been spewing about themselves and the military since they came to power. The Harper CPC, the worst government to the military and especially the Navy since Mulroney, another example of a Conservative that claimed to be aiding the military when the reality was the exact opposite. Something those that actually wear the uniform are aware of but cannot come out publicly to say, since they unlike Canada's New Government actually have a sense of duty, loyalty, and honour and practice it.