Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No! Bad Dawg!


The Torch, Canada's premier milblog, ...

And that's when I threw up in my mouth. The Torch? "Canada's premier milblog?" Get a grip, Dawg. On a good day, that blog is nothing more than The Politic playing dressup with GI Joe dolls.

If you want milblog, there's The Galloping Beaver. The only reason I'd subject myself to the infantile, sycophantic posturing of The Torch is if I thought Jay Currie was being too intellectual and I wanted to dumb things down even further.


Dr.Dawg said...

These things are all relative, CC.

Would Dave really call The Galloping Beaver a "milblog?" News to me.

thwap said...

I guess i haven't had the opportunity to be impressed by Damian Brooks yet.

Dave said...

Well, no. I wouldn't call TGB a milblog. On the other hand I wouldn't call The Torch such a thing either.

Dr.Dawg said...

What's a milblog, then? So far not one of us seems to agree with anyone else on the definition.

Dave said...

The Torch is a right-wing noise machine. I was a contributor there until the right-wing leadership objected to something I wrote elsewhere and didn't submit to them.

They don't like it when someone calls their narrow world view wrong.

The boys at The Torch have a bad case of "penis envy" and lack the ability to put balance ahead of toy store delirium.

I'll expand a small amount, but it's hardly proof: Look at the blogs on their blogroll. That should say it all. Very restrictive and very uber-right.

I will point something out that should carry some cargo. The military experience of the contributors at TGB is greater than the combined military experience at The Torch.

So what make The Torch a "milblog"? (Keep in mind that Adrian McWhathisname is one of their ardent fans.)

CC said...

Personally, I consider The Torch a "milblog" because they concentrate on matters military in the same way I consider Denyse O'Leary a science blogger because she writes primarily about evolution. I leave it to you to draw the appropriate analogy.