Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Slap fight! Sorry, but the train wreck aspect of this is weirdly compelling.

And, yes, that makes me a bad person.


Anonymous said...

She said, "I think the Calgary Herald has forgotten that we live in Canada, and the tabloid newspapers are just too out dated for Canadians liking."


sassy said...

Who minds the children while she rants?

Brian Busby said...

Don't sweat it. I've thought, on occasion, that you've crossed the line - but this isn't one of those times. It is all weirdly compelling. I look forward to seeing more. Preliminary research for the lawsuit, I expect.

Anonymous said...

Sara Landriault is an ugly human being.

She has been spewing hate and ignorance for years and now is having a hissy fit because a journalist found it too easy to expose her ugliness.

We'll good on Naomi Lakritz.

Even with Sara trying to "prove her point" she debases herself more.

The first thing she does is paste an image of Naomi Lakritz - god knows why except to try to show that Naomi is homely. But that is not the point, for Sara is a hundred fold uglier....

Then, Sara Landriault's first salvo in "proving a point" she goes back and quotes out of context (or even links properly) past article from Naomi Lakritz.
I have no clue what feeble point Sara is trying to make.

As for quote, Sara Landriault has been posted hate and ignorance for years. Mostly ignorance.....

Thankfully I do not sell on my blog nor do I lie about other writers.
BULLSHIIT SARA LANDRIAULT. You have distorted other's words, studies to suit your narrow minded bigotry and belittled parents.

It would have been nice if I was so evil as Naomi portrays
BULLSHIIT SARA LANDRIAULT. Your exacts words were repeated by an adult. Your words were clear and nothing was twisted. You truly are an ugly person.

"We at the National Family Childcare Association would like to welcome you with open arms to explore our many views of childcare. Our hopes for the future is to have all childcare options respected and funded directly to the parents. This website is created to inform all parents of the different choices in childcare in hopes we can all learn from our uniqueness in childcare."
BULLSHIIT SARA LANDRIAULT. You are a narrow minded ideologue that only has selfish goals. You are predictable and self-serving.

my attack was over the Coke and the Coke alone..... it still chokes me think of him doing Coke.
BULLSHIIT SARA LANDRIAULT. If it was, you'd be decrying Jaffer the cokehead. Instead, you continue to suck Harper's propaganda and defend those hypocrites. You are a dupe....

Sara then goes on to attack Naomi's credentials.
BULLSHIIT SARA LANDRIAULT. You had no problems running to that rag full of lies and so-called journalism called the National Post and your ilk seems to enjoy the Sun. At least tabloids sometimes tell the truth.

deBeauxOs said...

Good grief!

Sara is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she?

Frank Frink said...

Indeed, dBo. She's more akin to a spork.