Saturday, May 15, 2010

Helena? Helena who?

Apparently, the new Blogging Tory talking point is that now-disgraced Helena Guergis was useless window dressing that whole time:

I don't care about Helena Guergis and neither does the PM

... ultimately I don’t think it was the scandal that caused the Prime Minister to taketh [away Guergis' position]. It was her incompetence.

Since the beginning of Stephen Harper’s Premiership [sic], Helena Guergis has been steadily moving down in the ranks. The Prime Minister showed such a consistent lack of faith in her abilities that it is a wonder why he didn’t just ice her before. Except it isn’t a wonder because Helena Guergis is a woman and the media and women’s groups would scream bloody murder if this Prime Minister fired a highly visible woman.

In fact I will go farther and claim the only reason why she was a Minister to begin with is because she is a woman; this gives irony to the complaints of some that she is being treated differently from Maxine Bernier because of her gender. Stephen Harper waited until there would be minimal political cost to getting rid of her, and then got rid of her.

The story of Helena Guergis is much more a story of the failure of identity politics than it is a story of corruption. And I really don’t care about her ultimate fate.

When anyone else suggested that Guergis was an incompetent hack, it's because they simply hated women.


thebanana said...

Who's Maxine Bernier?

sooey said...

I dunno. She seems pretty competent in taking on the PMO now.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Maybe its Maxime Bernier's sister?

Moon Rattled said...

And here's the funny thing. Guergis' abilities are about par with everyone else in Harper's cabinet. Yes, she's an incompetent, stupid, narrow-minded, lazy and useless little gob who doesn't deserve the job. But so are the lot of them.