Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dumbassitude open thread.

What's the dumbest thing you've read today? A simple link should do -- additional explanation would probably be superfluous.


M@ said...

How about scariest thing?

I can't wait to bring this up next time some right-wing asshole tells me about cutting government waste, or the refugee backlog...

The Seer said...


While superfluous, my additional comment is as follows: This post demonstrates the strong governmental interest in keeping sensitive information secret. Certainly there are costs to such an approach, but the ultimate cost arising out o the use of governmental information is loss of control, which was a serious problem in this case.

thwap said...

Today's "Globe & Mail"

"The Liberals were uncharacteristically silent about the state of the talks, saying they do not want to jeopardize the negotiations, which the key players described last week as fruitful.

But the silence may also be a negotiating strategy – proof to the government that Liberal MPs can be relied upon to respect secrecy requirements should they be permitted to see the documents."

Parliament isn't being "permitted" to see the documents. Parliament has the RIGHT to see the documents.

That's what the whole fucking Milliken ruling was all about!

Psysidy Braphy said...

Here's the dumbest thing I read yesterday: http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YWE4YmE2YjhmMzgzODJjMTY3NTA1NDJjNGZjMmE4M2Q=

~the Apophatic Attic.

mikmik said...

Sorry, I just put down the Bible. What was the question again?

Anonymous said...

Iceman telling Huntsy to shut the f**k up here

wv dalda

Anonymous said...

Well, it was actually in a tie with the following mind blowing remark of Huntsy's (same post):

"Feminists are trying to pressure the government to support abortions in Africa, whether African women want it or not."

Hunter of Voters - additional information is completely, absolutely positively superfluous

Anonymous said...

Oh and also stupid but not Huntsy (#ASBNH):

"For those organizers who put together the Pride Parade in Toronto, I have no doubt that they feel the taxpayer owes them the same amount they got last year, regardless of changing economic circumstances. But regardless of what people think, reality fits in a little differently."

Anonymous said...

Last one.
I just noticed this classic down at the bottom of the page:

"Adrian MacNair is a Vancouver wrietrr and blogger."


The Seer said...


Moon Rattled said...

Belated contribution.

Dumbest thing I read was the MacLeans Magazine cover while standing in the supermarket checkout line.

It reads, Living in terror: Nine years after 9/11, America is suffering continual attacks on its home soil.

Newsweek's similar sensationalist wingnut approach didn't quite work out. That rag just died. Keep it up MacLeans.