Wednesday, May 05, 2010

By Our Own Hands

Greed and stupidity.


Zorpheous said...

mmmmm chocolate milk

wv - inthic

Lindsay Stewart said...

said the guy who likes diving. fucking squirrels are weird man.

Zorpheous said...

I was making fun of that us govenment trit that compaired the oil to chocolate milk, ssorry you missed the referenc.

Tha damage to tropica reef systems is take decades to repair, damages to the marshed and shellfish areas will take even longer.

But hey, at least on Earth Night, Kate and all dumb followers will by able to rev the motorcycle engines on high.

Lindsay Stewart said...

sorry zorph that reference must have skated past me. i'm taking news coverage in small doses to keep the anger management issues at bay. mind you, squirrlels are still fucking weird. but we knew that already. hope you're well dude, the intertubes miss you.