Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Batting 0-for-infinity, intellectually.

It actually takes a special kind of wingnut to be wrong about, literally, every single thing in a blog post. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Blogging Tory "BC Blue":

Don Martin: Nazism and Harper

If you wonder how far Don Martin has fallen as a credible writer and to what lengths he will go to try to discredit PM Stephen Harper, check out his latest column here.

Martin sinks to a new low trying to equate Nazism with Conservatism with a reference from a much maligned book by Marci McDonald. She’s the author who has just released “The Armageddon Factor-The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada” who couldn’t even get details correct such as naming prominent Jews as Christians and smearing a non-partisan organization as some sort of Christian backed advocacy group. Ezra Levant does a nice job of exposing her bias here.

It was an absolute disgrace that Canwest continued allowing Martin to produce such garbage and hopefully the new owners won’t accept the same.

Point the first: Martin did not equate Nazism with Conservatism. He was simply referring to a passage from McDonald's book, where McDonald reports on Canadian evangelical whackjob Faytene Kryskow drawing parallels between her own followers and Hitler's little brownshirts, as you can clearly see here:

There's a particularly bizarre analogy in a just-released book on the rising religious right in Canadian politics where a youth evangelist with strong connections to the federal Conservatives compares her Christian fan club to the Hitler Youth.

"If they could mobilize their cause to become that mighty with the power of evil backing them," militant evangelical Faytene Kryskow urges her followers, "how much more could we accomplish with the power of God backing us up?"

Point the second: With regards to naming Jews as Christians, one assumes Blue refers to one Joseph Ben-Ami, a ridiculous fiction Dr. Dawg dispenses with here. (WARNING: Ezra Levant gaping maw alert! Do not allow small children to view.)

Point the third: Regarding "smearing a non-partisan organization as some sort of Christian backed advocacy group," Blue clearly means the Canadian Constitution Foundation, whose description as a religious advocacy group was due to a Star editing error, for which they apologized profusely here.

You're used to Canada's Blogging Tories publishing utter and total shit, but it's actually unusual for one of them to be absolutely wrong about absolutely everything from start to finish. Ladies and gentlemen, your Blogging Tories.

Stephen Taylor must be so fucking proud.

(Wag of the tail to BDBO.)

: Over at BC Blue's, commenter "Ted" correctly points out Blue's appalling misrepresentation:

Except it was the right wingnut who made the comparison.

How dare those Loonie Lefties quote the evangelical right!! How dare they quote the evangelical right admiring the Hitler Youth!!!!

How desperate must you be to quote the right when you are writing about the right!!!!!!!!!!

To which Blue so maturely responds:

I do worry about you…

Commenter "harebell" similarly attempts to address the issue:

So Krsytow’s own words show her for whom she is and the CPoC cuts back on charities that would support women while funding bible translations in Calgary. Meanwhile modern fundamentalist christians and the other foreign supported evangelicals have unprecedented access to policy makers and are tax exempt; and somehow that is smearing people of another faith.
After reading what socons have accused those of other faiths and of no faith of intending, I believe you need to attend to the beam in your own eye first.

once again reducing Blue to a sand-flinging, petulant infant:

You’re back ... I must have made another loonie leftie’s blog site again.

They're simply children. Never forget that. When the Day of Judgment arrives, Stephen Taylor is going to have so much to answer for.


Moon Rattled said...

I shudder to think, does the BC in BC Blue stand for British Columbia? Yes, our province is plagued with wingnuts, too.

mikmik said...

What, isn't it bad enough that reality has a liberal slant - now it's an ad hominum on conservatives? lmfao