Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The unprofessionalism is breathtaking.

Over at Wendy Sullivan's, the lies continue:


It really does appear to me you are being disingenuous. Lets review the facts here as I see them pertinent:

(1) Richard and Robert Day argue over CC’s resistance to increasing the age of consent.
(2) After much blog flaming, Richard redirects a URL similar to CC’s to NAMBLA ...

Both utter lies, and I was prepared to, once again, refute the wretched dishonesty until it occurred to me -- what's the point? I'm simply stunned that someone has the audacity to allow others to defame and libel me at their blog, while banning me from commenting if I wanted to offer a refutation.

I'm used to unprincipled behaviour from Canada's Douchebag-o-sphere but, seriously, I've never seen anything like this. It would never even occur to me to allow my commenters to criticize someone without giving that person every possible opportunity to address those criticisms. That Wendy would allow obvious lies -- including her own -- to stand, and not allow me a chance to eviscerate them -- really, words fail me.

At this point, I have no further interest in anything Wendy Sullivan says. I will simply say that both she and Richard Evans are pathological liars and, worse, they know it. And they don't care. So, at this point, neither do I.

P.S. You will not, anywhere, find Dick and I arguing over the age of consent. Anywhere. It never happened, and you're welcome to go looking for it. It's like these people can't not lie. It's stunning.

: What I think is most ironic is the hypocrisy here. The people who are howling with bloodlust that I be held "accountable" for my writings are the very ones who insist on the freedom to defame and libel me while hiding behind their comments filter, safe from their own accountability for what they're writing.

Amazing, isn't it?


Dr.Dawg said...

Truth is considered a weakness by these people. Because facts, as we know, have a left-wing bias.

wv="sterp" No, they won't.

liberal supporter said...

They're in-credible!

BlackRogueDreams said...

Seems I found this place at the right time.It would be entertaining if it wasn't so scary.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, really. They're never going to stop lying. The only thing that reins them in is when they bottom out.

I don't know who Wendy Sullivan's trying to fool though; she's always wallowing the gutter, pearls or no pearls.

jj said...

Patrick's losing his grip. In his last comment there, he harrumphs away haughtily to Dr. Dawg, then ends by calling him "Robert". LOL, we are all Robert now.

Frank Frink said...

Dear Gawd, JJ, do we really all have to be "Robert"?

Cameron Campbell said...

I'll be robert if we all get cool masks...