Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stephen Taylor: Douchebag.

You almost can't believe anyone could be this hypocritical:

On the website of Michael Ignatieff’s war room chief Warren Kinsella, we learn why the Liberals are itching for an election now:

[In] politics, as in war, you attack when your opponent is weak, not strong. … Right now - due to the recession, due to a stumblebum Tory team, due to their leader who nobody likes - we know the other side is really, really weak. In a few months - due to a economy rebounding, mainly - they could be strong.

If the economy is on track to rebound, why endanger this by throwing the helmsman overboard with an election?

Yeah, throwing the country into an unnecessary election because the timing just happens to be favourable for your party ... what kind of useless fucking douche do you have to be to think that's a good idea?

This kind of useless fucking douche.


Anonymous said...

Except that in this case, BOTH the Liberals and Connies are equally stupid.

You have a braggart Iggy that's seemingly always ready to nix the Harper with that stupid probation talks and the incompetent Harper and his minions...

I wish both of them would just implode...

Ti-Guy said...

It's particularly, howlingly hypocritical since Harper (so we thought) had limited the PM's ability to call elections opportunistically with a fixed election date.

I can understand how CWTF is in a constant state of seething rage when we are expected to live with this kind of grandiose hypocrisy. I just hope he manages to survive long enough to become a bit more numb to it. The anger doesn't seem to affect them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ti-Guy anger, seething rage??

No, I'm quite amused by the stupidity and hypocrisy. The only problem is that I expected better of the Liberals, from the mind-numb Conservatives it was expected.

Ti-Guy said...

No, I'm quite amused by the stupidity and hypocrisy.

You don't sound amused. Crack a joke every once in while, just to establish the proper mood.

As for the two main parties, I'm coming slowly to the rather despairing conclusion that we are getting the governments we deserve. Take a look around: Canada isn't the country we thought it was.