Thursday, June 11, 2009

Probably not the best timing for that post, Neo.

Is it even physically possible to be more inappropriate at the moment?

When one of these whackjobs finally snaps and takes out a daycare, Stephen Taylor is going to have a shitload to answer for.


Dr.Dawg said...

Sounds to me like he's preparing to fire through stained glass, if you get my meaning.

liberal supporter said...

neo's all for radio controlled bullets.

But he's against rfid in the bullets or the gun, since he is against firearm marking regulations.

liberal supporter said...

And the neo delete clock is now running for this:

====== neo June 11
If you're for firearms with lasers in them, why are you against laser marking of firearms?

Tracing bullets to target: good
Tracing firearms to source: bad

I see you mentioned "Timmy". Is your vigilante group holding a re-enactment of McVeigh's execution today?

liberal supporter said...

Wow! Double delete in less than 1 minute! He really does stalk his own blog 24/7. A double delete means, as Hunter would say, "I must have really struck a nerve!"

He'll spend the rest of the evening skulking around his blog, waiting for me to re-post that comment, so he can then post about how many times I commented.


CC said...

Yeah, he's a real profile in courage, that one.

Dave said...

25mm?! Hahahaha!

Go ahead NeoCon. Give that a good old alpha try. See you in the fucking hospital with a broken shoulder.

25mm is not a personal weapon.

Sparky said...

Quoting West Wing--
He's a 45 calibre mind in a 357 world...