Wednesday, June 17, 2009


At this point, they can slap each other senseless for all I care. I recommend checking the comments section there on a regular basis, just to watch the unprincipled cretins do everything but admit that they lied, even after there's no possible way they can deny it anymore.

And remember, Dick's probably running for Calgary City Council again next year. I'd be archiving screenshots, if you catch my drift.

: Please don't suggest any libel or defamation suits. There's no point. These people are self-destructing before our very eyes, and they don't need any more help from me or you. They're quite capable of imploding all on their own. Keep your hands off and let it happen naturally.

: Note carefully how that thread has generated into a pissing match between Dick and Kate, with the original defamation against me long since forgotten. You and I both know that Wendy is never going to apologize for that. That's just the person she is.

SERIOUSLY, it's hysterical how everyone there has lost the thread. Defamation, folks -- we were talking about defamation. But that's been long forgotten. It's depressingly predictable. All we have left to do is wait for the inevitable drop down the memory hole.


Sparky said...

They'll pull a Patrick and disappear it down the memory hole...
"What link? I never mentioned a link!!"
Any attempt to show them proof will be met with asinine rebuttals.

Jon Pertwee said...

Wendy says she resigned from the Conservative Party and Dick says the Conservative Party and Blogging Tories are left wing liberals. Is Dick's mobo melting down?

Jon Pertwee said...

Anyone in KW know the other two people who's personal details that Dick posted in that thread? I'm sure they wouldn't be to thrilled that he did that even though he says in the comments he had every right.

Smearing innocent bystanders. Wow.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm surprised Wendy's association with the Conservatives is that recent. I thought they turfed her (or she turfed herself, potato, potahto) long ago. She was a dominatrix, for Christ sake. Didn't somebody think of the children?

Neither one is a light on the Conservative radar, that is true. But both Wendy's, Evans's and Shaidle's links to KKKate (who is still a Blogging Tory) doesn't really afford them the distance they'd like to have. As for their audiences...with the exception of a few coherent libertarians (three people) they're all the same crowd and they all vote Conservative if they bother to vote at all.

Of course this is all guilt-by-association but...well, you reap what you sow and the Harpies were masters at exploiting that.

CC said...

Jon: What other people? Can you be more specific? Link?

Ti-Guy said...

Colour commentary on the thread of over at RightGirl's (Gosh, I should Twitter it!):

I've been exposed Richard Evans's communication style for so long I can read him like a book. Whenever he starts a sentence with "Nope," it means someone has exposed his dishonesty and illogic and he's moving on to the next deflection. It's a variation of a teenager's "Nuh uh" which, when used by him, is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Richard Evans confirmed that he is running for council 2010.....

That should be amusing. I wish him all the luck in the world.

Jon Pertwee said...

He posted it from the K-W phone directory. Apparently posting completely unrelated people's personal details is perfectly fine with Dick.

Make sure to take a screencap before he torches it.

Zorpheous said...

LOL, Jon Pertwee,... The Third Doctor!!!

What do you think of the new series from the BBC?

wv = faseles

liberal supporter said...

Your outing has had two effects. First, you have had to retract a statement made about another real person, namely PR and the "does he or doesn't he" question about killing doctors. Despite the fact that he would only give a clear answer to me after 20 requests, he still did state his position, so you had little choice but to retract.

Second effect, every statement ever made about CC is now a statement about you, and they have a problem, namely that now all their past statements can be actionable since they are now about a real person.

You solved your problem quickly and honourably. Considering it is the only situation I know of that is not simple insulting (not actionable), and not something for which there is plenty of repeated corroborated evidence (not actionable), it wasn't too difficult.

The sheer volume of libel of you from them makes simple retraction an intractable problem. They must instead go for the "incredible" angle. They are now busy demonstrating that they are so demented, their ravings are not credible and would not be believed by anyone, and so could not be defamatory.

Plus they hope to catch a few more folks in their IP number traps.

Jon Pertwee said...

Zorpheous, The new series started out strong for me but I haven't enjoyed the recent episodes as much. I did love Blink though, brilliant story. I'm looking forward to what Stephen Moffatt will do as I enjoyed Jekyll. I do miss a bit of Pertwee Venusian Aikido and the rubber monsters.