Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mark Steyn dumps another pantload, leaving someone else to clean up the mess.

Regular e-mailer RS gifts CC HQ and the readership with this beauty.

Mark Steyn: Still "Canada's Leading Asshole" by a country mile.


KEvron said...

that was just swell!

the worst thing that steyn does is to blur the definition of - nay, redifine - fascism, so that his own genuine brand may go unnoticed. newspeak, as it were.


Cameron Campbell said...

When Wells gets well and truely wound up it is a lovely thing to behold.

Ti-Guy said...

I think the whole thing was ruse. Wells denies it, of course, but it was just all too perfect.

How the hell did that piece of Steyn trash make the cover of last week's print copy of MacLean's?

Adam C said...

...perhaps he could define fascism in the modern European context. And tell us what he dislikes about it, if anything.

That was the best part, right there.

Timothy said...

I detest Mark Steyn as much as anyone, but the Macleans article implies that Latvia's Sandra Kaniete can't be a fascist because she's anti-Soviet. I wasn't aware that was a disqualification.