Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's why we mock them.

Blogging Tory co-founder and fellow at the Manning Centre for Freedom, Democracy and Wingnut Welfare Stephen Taylor is all over the NDP badness:

Nova Scotia NDP scandal and who knew what when?

The provincial NDP has been caught in a funding scandal during this election regarding a massive influx of cash on a single day of the campaign. The hive-like organization of the NDP spreads down to its union affiliates as well. On April 9th, a resolution at the Mainland Nova Scotia Building and Construction Trades Council was passed to reimburse member unions for their individual $5,000 donations to the NDP. Essentially, this packed the contributions into a $50,000 envelope and this was passed onto NDP party HQ. The scandal here is that what was essentially a $50,000 donation was made to look like 10 individual $5,000 donations (including one from the organizing union). The NDP received the cheques on the week of May 5th. Prior to this, they received a phone call to let them know these donations were coming.

The scandal broke when a reporter got wind of the donations and called the NDP party office asking them about the donations. The party claimed to be unaware of the cash. Two days later, the party felt it necessary to call a press conference to declare that they would return $45,000 worth of donations.

In unrelated news, when the topic of the Conservatives' much more lucrative "in-and-out" money laundering scheme comes up:

The amounts transferred totalled over $1.3 million and the local Conservative candidates then put in their claims to get their refunds from taxpayer funds. As long as they got 10% of the vote in the election, that is. So in the end, 65 Conservative candidates who benefited from these transfers put in for their refunds. The taxpayers would have been on the hook for $777,000 had Elections Canada not disallowed these expenses.

Taylor would be happy to explain how that's totally different because why don't you just fuck right off, OK?

And that's why Stephen Taylor is an important right-wing pundit, and you're not.

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Nitangae said...

Especially since the NDP in fact returned the money - in contrast to the in and out Tories.