Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I suck at video games. I am pinball aged and never quite caught the skills of the joystick. But this ad for the upcoming Rockband version of the Beatles is friggin' brilliant.


Metro said...

If one might interject a political comment the ol' Walrus might have agreed with: Isn't that an elephant (more-or-less) leading them all over a cliff?

What do elephants stand for in the US again?

Kelseigh said...

From the standpoint of an animation student, that's friggin' brilliant. I wanna see that in HD now.

psa said...

same cat did this as did the gorillas videos so i'm assuming a brit. which doesn't discount the elephantine imagery and associated political thingums.

Kusotarre said...

It's a half elephant, half rhinoceros that walks on two legs.

And they're having tea on it's head.

And it stops before the cliff.

I think political references are more than a little bit of a stretch.

Kelseigh said...

When you said that was the Gorillaz guy, psa, I assumed you meant Jamie Hewlett (who provided the Gorillaz art, concept, some part of the music, etc.), and I think a lot of other people did too. But it turns out to be Pete Candleland of Passion Pictures, who did indeed direct the Gorillaz videos. I don't see a lot of politically motivated stuff on his showreel, unless you count the "Dirty Harry" video, but you never know.