Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fuck you, Lisa Raitt.

Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, in the grotesque and reprehensible spirit of everything associated with Stephen Harper, tries to smear a questioner:

“The rules say that she is responsible, not some underling,” Mulcair told the House, pointing to the minister. "How come a year ago, the minister had to resign and today they're allowed to blame an underling, a subservient person, for all the responsibility of the minister?"

In a rare deviation from her much-repeated statement to the House, Raitt replied she was concerned about the language and tone of Mulcair's question, saying it indicated "maybe perhaps only a woman could be subservient."

Fuck you, Lisa. Fuck you every which way possible. Mulcair asked a perfectly valid question regarding subservient underlings and culpability, and everyone knew what he meant, and you chose to try to deflect that question by suggesting Mulcair was some kind of bullying misogynist.

Sometimes, I really hope there is a God, because it would mean he's eventually going to pass judgment on despicable cretins like Lisa Raitt. And I can only hope there's a particularly warm corner of hell with her name on the locker.


liberal supporter said...

The sound bite on the right wing dominated radio was Lisa saying that talking louder does not make your view true, followed by her sitting down to great applause, having successfully not answered yet another question.

Ti-Guy said...

She pulled the same crap during the election campaign when she asserted that Garth Turner's web site was so pornographic that she could not allow her children to visit it. Just a beleaguered, working mum in a man's world, don't you know. Of course, the well-remunerated sinecures help...

liberal supporter said...

Are we hearing that it is sexist to attack Lisa yet? After all, Steve seems to be leading the way, given the differing treatment of Bernier and Raitt.

Ti-Guy said...

Are we hearing that it is sexist to attack Lisa yet?

It's not sexist. It's antisemitic. And quite possibly anti-American.

Cameron Campbell said...

Holy crap.. she's suggesting that Mulcair is misogynistic?


Are these people all mentally ill?

CC said...


That was another episode of "Simple answers to stupid questions."