Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Denyseitude and the Yahya Wankerhood.

Well-known Canadian IDiot Denyse O'Leary gushes creepily over, well, see for yourself:

Evolution Deceit, an interesting Turkish creationist book, is good at assembling and clearly explaining the arguments against Darwinism that you can be pretty sure the average lay person will not hear from conventional TV nature programs.

There should be an Intelligent Design variation of Godwin's Law that, once you finally quote Harun Yahya approvingly, the discussion is over and smart people come and repossess your brain.


Anonymous said...

That a misnomer no? Once you quote Harun Yahya your brain is pretty much goo already...

Torybaiter said...

But you have to admit, "The Lord did it all," meme is wonderfully efficient. Think of all the time you save not having to learn sciencey stuff.

It's related to the Eric von Daniken school of critical thinking. "Them space guys are da bomb. They dood it all!"

Beats the thought out of, you know, having to investigate and stuff.

One stop. All answers.

Jim R. said...

Could this be a job for the Hitler Zombie???