Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ah, the pants peeing of it all.

There's normal scared, and then there's Hunter-level, "puddle of urine on the new rug" scared:

Attagirl, Hunter ... you wouldn't want anyone to stop by and, you know, disagree with you or anything while you were out. That would be bad.


thwap said...

I almost pity her sometimes.

CC said...

I have no sympathy for Hunter. She embodies the worst possible combination of today's conservatives -- a stunning ignorance of almost everything, coupled with a complete and total unawareness of that ignorance, the end result being an endless stream of arrogant, patronizing, condescending crap and an embarrassing unwillingness to listen to anyone who tries to educate her.

Hunter is the perfect example of the saying -- "too stupid to even realize how stupid she is." Just like Twatsy, but with a vagina.

No, wait ... they're the same.

Southern Quebec said...

Total control freak.

Anonymous said...

Nine holes will prob'ly be just the tonic for Huntsy. She just doesn't wanna play with stupid lefty jerks and lower than snake's belly in a wagon rut trolls today. HA!

thwap said...



For the record, I said "almost" and "sometimes."

She's dangerously moronic. I usually despise her, but sometimes when i think of how she must suffer from her absolute cluelessness, I entertain the idea of pitying her.

Ti-Guy said...

I pity her. The people I don't pity are the JoJo's, the Sandy Cruxes, the Stephen Taylors who actively keep people like her ignorant.